5 Things to Consider While Selecting VoIP Service Providers


Your company’s PBX needs updating, and you have been tasked with selecting the best, most cost-effective replacement phone service. What should you consider as you evaluate VoIP Service Providers? Here are five points that we at Cyclix Networks consider to be essential:


  1. Reliability—First and foremost is the reliability of the service provided. How many Points of Presence does the service offer? In the event of a natural disaster, is there an alternate route for your voice data to follow? Cyclix Networks utilizes three PoPs, each housing “blazingly fast,” wondrous new servers. Furthermore, the Cyclix Networks N-Plus™ Fault Tolerant High Transaction SIP Network offers 99.99% uptime.


  1. Quality of Service—in addition to reliability, Q.O.S. is essential in any phone system, and varies widely, even among big name VoIP providers. Your company simply does not have time for lost calls or poor sound quality.


  1. Full support and custom integration—Third on our list comes support. We are just a call or an email away, 24×7. Additionally, our engineers will work with you throughout deployment to ensure that your system is fully integrated and customized with features such as free teleconferencing, computer-based User-Control Panel, and full support for your company’s remote workers. Additionally, company-wide speed dial lists, Help-Desk, and Operator Panel can all be customized to your company’s needs.


  1. Security—The Cyclix Networks Business-Connect architecture is unparalleled and heads off VoIP pirates before they can even cross the gangplank.


  1. Cost—The last, but by no means least, consideration is cost. When you tally the cost of a new system, be sure to include all costs—the PBX, consulting fees, time logged by your company’s I.T. staff, cost of telephones and monthly VoIP charges. Cyclix Networks’ Business-Connect seamlessly integrated, bundled PBX, phones and service is unique in the industry, all at No Capital Expense.


The Cyclix Networks Business-Connect™ bundled system is the perfect solution for businesses and other organizations looking to upgrade their PBX, phones and service while protecting their bottom-line and managing their monthly cash flow.


Care to know more? http://bit.ly/Business-ConnectBrochure

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VoIP SIP Trunking Solutions

VoIP Telephony is no longer a curiosity, but rather a mainstream migration event for telecom users looking to cut costs, and at the same time expand their telecommunication’s options.

With Cyclix’s Enterprise SIP Trunking VoIP telecommunications services the underutilized “circuit” is a thing of the past. The goals of lower cost and added flexibility are now easily met for any enterprise user with Cyclix certified VoIP telecommunications products.

Moving your PBX to VoIP SIP Trunking will save on telecom costs (as much as 40%), But that’s just the start.  Moving to VoIP frees your phone call from the circuit and PSTN rate center, allowing you to…

  • Converge Communications- converge to just one enterprise network, and lower your in-house support and circuit costs.
  • Realize Global Number Portability- any inbound DID or 800 number can now terminate anywhere’s you want.
  • Merge Multi Site Locations- unify your organization to operate as one virtual enterprise, irregardless of geographical office layout.
  • Flexible Routing- now any size enterprise can afford routing options for voice traffic to multi site locations, based on business conditions or survivability requirements.

More Information :


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Cyclix Solves the Hosted Problems with Business-Connect™

  • Business-Connect™ is all The Telephone System you need!

Taking a proactive approach to solving quality and sound issues of today’s hosted VoIP telephone services wasn’t enough for CEO/CTO Peter Sandstrom. He wanted to create something that would bring a unified and lasting solution for small to mid-sized businesses telephony issues. Working in telecommunications for over 30 years, his vision to create a seamless integration of on-site technology at no capital expense has come to life, in the form of the new Business-Connect™ platform.


The feature rich addition to Cyclix’s already successful line up of products proves that the innovation and design has been well worth the time, effort, and money put in to it. Offering customers a real telephone service solution, and not a cloud based or hosted VoIP service, Cyclix has taken IP telephony for the enterprise to the next level.

Business-Connect™, as shown here, is not just a phone system. It’s a fully functional PBX that allows the user to focus on their business, while Cyclix handles the configuration, support, and maintenance. User friendly and packaged with great service and free phones, Business-Connect™ offers a functionality that is not yet seen elsewhere on the market.

Carriers and dealers alike are pushing their ‘new products’ ranging from hosted VoIP services to cloud based telephony, but with no thought to solving the issues that arise within the internal infrastructure of the company. Firewalls and other security features that keep the junk out, also allow for poor quality phone calls to be placed and packet loss is a result of bandwidth issues.

The last mile QoS was just the beginning. Once he knew that this could be produced on a larger scale, the field testing began. Immediately, customers saw a significant difference in not only their telecommunications costs, but also realized new process efficiencies when running their enterprise with Business-Connect™.

With this new product, Cyclix has fixed a broken model, and given the customer what they truly want; a phone system better than what they had, fully integrated to the Cyclix network, fully managed, and all at no capital expense.

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